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Hi Eva!
I’ve been thinking of sending you a note of gratitude for months, probably a year! I think of you frequently, quoting conversations we had and reflecting even now. I left my wonderful-but-stifling square job and have become a teaching artist with a little apartment and a fabulous, creative partner. I think about how grey and desperate I felt at the time we spoke and I am bone-deep grateful for your ear and kind guidance and validation.

–M.M., artist

Through my work with Eva I have grown far beyond what I imagined possible when we first started. She listens carefully, remembers well, and has insights that are intuitive and correct. Her compassionate and wise counsel has supported major life changes for me, changes which have been sustained and appear to be long-lasting!

–Brenda, health care professional

Eva’s work combines a clear grounding in principles and practices of energy medicine, a variety of alternative healing modalities, and somatic psychotherapy. Her work is creative and respectful of the body and being’s capacity and process for change and growth, making her a uniquely effective and dynamic facilitator of healing and growth.

–C. Parry, Ph.D, MSW

Eva has a remarkable gift for seeing what is under the surface, and compassionately and clearly calling it into the light. She works at the intersection of body, spirit and possibility and brings spaciousness and sparkle to all of her encounters. She models what she teaches–empowering intuitive leadership, and supporting both individuals and groups in creating sustainable change.

–Taya Shere

Thank you!
For the gifts of presence, illumination, compassion, joy, reflection, persistence, encouragement, silence, laughter, humility & for introducing me to my many selves! I am blessed to have met you because in you I met me!

–Claire, graduate student