Here’s an audio clip from my class on ‘Beginning With the End in Mind.’

Another clip from my workshop on ‘Unreasonable Happiness’–how to be happy regardless of our circumstances.

Atul Gawande, a world-famous surgeon, wrote an article in the New Yorker on the benefits of having a coach: “No matter how well trained people are, few can sustain their best performance on their own. That’s where coaching comes in.” Read his piece here.

Brene Brown is a vulnerability researcher who gave an amazing TED talk entitled ‘The Power of Vulnerability.’ Check it out here.

The Good Life Project: Jonathan Fields asks change makers, “What does it mean to you to live a good life?” and records their answers in this inspiring video series.

Tom Junod wrote a beautiful article about Mr. Rogers that appeared in Esquire.

Desiderata: a prose poem.

Ozomatli is amazing live; go see them!

Brain Pickings provides a selection of interesting/inspiring/beautiful things that you don’t know you’re interested in until you are.

Mike Birbiglia is a comedian with a heart of gold.

Naomi Shihab Nye is a Palestinian-American poet. Read one of her pieces here.

The Optimist Magazine: publishing solutions-news online & in print.