One of my passions is working with engineers and tech people who want to translate the success they feel in their careers to dating and relationships.

When I moved to Ann Arbor, I started seeing a lot of engineers and people in tech in my coaching practice who were super smart, creative and successful but they just couldn’t find the kind of satisfying relationships they were looking for.

What I found was that even if they were doing the ‘right’ things to put themselves out there, often they needed to make an internal shift to get the results they were looking for. Sometimes they felt like dating was a burdensome part-time job, and just looking at how they could enjoy the process turned things around.

Often clients come to me because they haven’t gotten the results they wanted so they feel like something is inherently wrong with them. Navigating dating and relationships is a skill set, not a talent. I help them build those skills so they can find the loving relationships they’ve been seeking; the confidence they gain in the process inevitably spills over into the rest of their lives.